What We Believe

We believe every kid deserves a chance to be the best they can possibly be.

We believe self confidence and enthusiasm are worth more than any scoreboard tally or stat.

We believe teamwork is a valuable lesson for life.

We believe discipline and hard work are the keys to success.

We believe character is the mark of a true champion.


The Four C's

The Covello Foundation's pillars are summed up in four "C's" displaying our ethos, passion and desire as an organization, for the future.


The Covello story is about developing character in young people using community athletics as a metaphor to life lessons -- persistence, competition, teamwork and accountability -- that transcend the playing field.  


About Jerry

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Covello was not just an average coach. His passion moved beyond the game of baseball and into the lives of the players he coached. 

His motto “Work hard and never, never give up” sums up his desire to see kids leave the field as better people, not just players.

It is Jerry’s ‘heart and soul’ that we celebrate through the Covello Foundation.