Remaining faithful to Jerry’s legacy of investing in the lives and character development of young athletes to help them realize their full potential, we aspire in the near future to expand our mission to encompass programs for young woman and other community based sports endeavors. In 2013, we've relaunched the fund as The Covello Foundation to encompass our expanded mission. 

Our Purpose

From our establishment in 2006, the fund has sponsored clinics and special training events, provided financial support for needy youngsters to participate in leagues, made significant enhancement to community athletic fields and awarded baseball training scholarships for players who demonstrate that special “heart and soul” approach to the game and their team. This approach has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of the Foundation.


Gerald R. (Jerry) Covello, Jr. had a life-long love and passion for the game of baseball. Starting at an early age, he played in youth leagues, on community teams and even organized neighborhood games. He studied the game, followed his favorite Major League teams (NY Yankees) and grew his knowledge about the strategy of the game and the physical mechanics of hitting, fielding and throwing.  

Jerry played high school baseball in East Brunswick, NJ and went on to play for two years at Jacksonville University. Although he never progressed as far as his pure desire and dreams would have taken him, no one worked harder or put as much “heart and soul” into the game as he did.

He discovered a real talent for coaching, developing and encouraging young players who were beginning to develop a love for the game.

Jerry translated his passion for baseball and his belief in the value of athletics for building character, self respect and discipline in young people’s lives by founding and leading a number of community baseball leagues and becoming a coach and mentor to hundreds of young people.

Jerry's Players

The parents and fellow coaches who Jerry worked with over the years knew the character traits he strove to instill in young players – the willingness to work hard; the competitive spirit to succeed; the determination and resilience to persist toward personal goals; the discipline to work to overcome weaknesses and to develop even more compelling strengths; loyalty and teamwork, unbridled enthusiasm for the game and self belief.  His motto was “work hard and never, never give up."  He believed that it wasn't about being the most talented – it was about being the best you could possibly be.


Jerry's Legacy

Jerry died on January 6, 2005 but he left an indelible legacy in the minds and hearts of those he touched. To honor his memory and the “heart and soul" he put into developing community baseball opportunities for young players, his family, friends and the leadership of the Hightstown / East Windsor Youth Baseball League (HEWYBL) collaborated to establish the Gerald R. Covello Memorial Scholarship Fund. Because of Jerry's special relationship with HEWYBL, where he was a coach, the initial focus of the fund was to benefit the development of youth baseball in that local community. The foundation is used to benefit youth athletics  by supporting and honoring young players who exemplify the principles of a man who truly loved passing on and sharing his love of the game.