Mission Statement

The Covello Foundation believes in the power of sports beyond the physical aspect of building an athlete. 

It is the character that is built through the process that will last a lifetime.

We believe every kid deserves a chance to be the best they can possibly be.

We believe self confidence and passion are worth more than any scoreboard tally or stat.

We believe teamwork is a valuable lesson for life.

We believe discipline and hard work are the keys to success, on and off the field.

The Covello Foundation. Character is the mark of a true champion

Our Lineup 

Stephanie Covello, Chair

The oldest of Jerry's three kids, Steph is a tomboy at heart, in fact somewhere around elementary school she wanted to become a professional baseball player when she grew up. Dreaming big was always encouraged in the Covello Family – but working hard to make those dreams come true was an even more consistent theme. 

Thanks to her parents’ support and encouragement to play competitive sports, Steph has been afforded many opportunities in life, including playing Division I Women's Soccer at GWU – a life experience she attributes to the leadership and character she developed playing youth sports. Dad always said to 'leave it on the field' but the life lessons and values she learned always extended beyond that. They have also been foundational to the accomplishments and career success she's had as a marketing and communications professional at Burson-Marsteller, a top global agency. 

It is Stephanie’s mission to continue her father's indelible legacy as a leader and mentor in the sports community and to pass on to young athletes those lessons, character development and attributes that mark a true champion – on and off the field.

Christina Covello, Vice Chairman 

Christina has been a sports enthusiast her whole life. A soccer player from the ripe age of 4, she went on to play both varsity soccer as well as varsity crew. Most of her childhood memories revolve around playing her heart out on the soccer field and supporting her siblings play their favorite sports. Her passion for empowering young people to unlock their own potential started while she volunteered in Tanzania for a summer and lives on through her work with the Foundation.

Alice Wright, Secretary

With a career spanning Education, Human Resources and as a consultant in Leadership Development and Coaching, Alice has had a life long commitment to helping people reach their full potential. In her experience, there is nothing more critical to a successful, impactful life than personal character - and there is no greater endeavor than helping people shape, strengthen and develop character during their formative years. 

As an active supporter of many young people in their athletic endeavors, she has great appreciation for the opportunities it offers to develop positive traits and teach life lessons that translate and endure well beyond the playing field. Alice is passionate about expanding these experiences for youngsters and ensuring that they are mentored and rewarded not just for athletic talents, but for the character they demonstrate on and off the field. She is proud to support the mission and programs of the Covello Foundation. 

Gavin Swanson, Treasurer  

Don't let his background with numbers confuse you; Gavin's real passion is in sports and helping others. While a consultant by day, Gavin also takes great pride in his experience as a volunteer high school baseball coach.  After playing football and baseball in high school, Gavin accepted a scholarship to play baseball at the George Washington University, where he was the team's right fielder.  He believes that the majority of lessons or positive habits he carries with him were learned while participating in athletics, and aims to help pass this view on to others.  Your individual character is something you can take with you into any situation, whether good or bad, and Gavin believes that empowering youth to build this belief will have a profound impact on their lives.

Debbie Elias, Co-chair Strategy and Brand Marketing

Debbie is a five tool player when it comes to business. Her 15+ years in the corporate world at American Express brings accomplishments in business development, finance, strategy, communications and marketing to our playbook. Debbie's expertise lies in managing strategic relationships and cultivating long lasting partnerships - she's also known for thinking outside the box. 

Always a team player, her field hockey days led Debbie to value integrity and discipline both on and off the field. Recently, however, you’re more likely to find her cheerleading…for her nieces, at one of their sporting events.